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2012-08-17 01:20:07 by xMrJoeyx

Welcome to my page! Enjoy your stay.


2011-02-03 18:38:28 by xMrJoeyx

I'm still trying to learn how to make animations..
But one day I will make an amazing animation for newgrounds! :D

If anyone has some frame by frame tutorials, please tell me :]


2010-11-29 04:57:31 by xMrJoeyx

I am currently studying animations and trying to learn how to make a newgrounds-worthy Flash
I have FlashCS5 and a Wacom Bamboo Tablet
If you have any tips for me feel free to tell me <3

Flash CS4 Help

2010-10-03 15:54:17 by xMrJoeyx

I need help with a Flash Game I'm working on. Its a bit of a reverse Pac-Man where the ghost runs around collecting pellets while avoiding Pacman

But I'm having some problems with the codes
When the Pacman touches the ghost it goes to a frame that says "Game Over"

I also want it so when the ghost collects all 209 pellets it goes to a new frame that says "A winner is you"

Can anyone help me find a code that can do that?

Thanks, xMrJoeyx~

Flash CS4 Help


2010-08-30 04:39:52 by xMrJoeyx

Everything By Everyone


Passed... Just Barley

2010-08-15 21:50:46 by xMrJoeyx

I made the worst flash of all time..

* No preloader

* Extremely Hard/ Near Imposible to beat.


But somehow it passed..? I laughed at this. :D Thanks newgrounds LOL...

But don't worry, once I get better I'll really start to make GOOD flashes.


Judgment Day..

2010-06-23 20:18:45 by xMrJoeyx

None of my flashes are passing judgment.. >.<

I need help with my flash animations ^-^;; Once I master my animation skills, I will make an awesome flash for newgrounds!

Everything By Everyone!

Newgrounds =(

2010-06-08 21:49:33 by xMrJoeyx

All my submissions aren't passing judgment D:


2010-03-17 17:17:11 by xMrJoeyx

Everything By Everyone!

Well, I joined newgrounds, and I must say, Tom did a great job with it !

*Love the medals
*Love the Points
*Love the content

Its overall awesome.

>_> Although my flashes are never liked by people on Newgrounds..

:3 I love it